ifstatus: The semigraphical network monitor, part 2

There is a strange inbreeding going on out there in the Innarnets, where parts of some programs look suspiciously similar to others, and as a result people start to suspect the milkman.

Remember ethstatus? Nice little program, good colors and arrangement for the most part. Now look at ifstatus.


See what I mean? Somebody has been sharing … and we wouldn’t want that. 😈

On the other hand … ooh, look how pretty. Everything centered, full screen utilized, separate colors for transmit and receive, a vertical scale that fits the peak level. … It’s like heaven. 😯 😀

And if it borrows from ethstatus or some other progenitor, we can accept that as just a fact of life, right? I mean, we were all taught to share when we were children, right? There’s nothing wrong with sharing … I think. … 😐 😉