ifstat: The hidden traffic monitor

I knew the I-section would be riddled with traffic monitors and network gizmos. I’ve already had to discount one or two just on the basis of being too ordinary. 😯

Here’s one I didn’t have on my list, and didn’t even know about until five minutes ago: ifstat.


I literally found this while pumping the tab completion, trying to find something else that started with “ifs,” and this popped up. pacman says it’s part of iproute2.

And it’s probably as fundamental a traffic monitor as you could expect, with up/down/interface statistics in neat columns for display.

I’ve cued that through watch so there’s an animated effect, otherwise all you get is one quick sheet of data before ifstat trundles back to the dark hole where it was hiding.

Watch the help flags for a few more options; there’s nothing in there (that I saw) that would show human-readable sizes, or display an animated graph, or use different color.

More’s the pity. 🙄

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