identibash and identicurse: I can give you no guidance

I’ve come up short on two console clients for resources.

This happens from time to time, where I find workable software that I don’t have an application for, because I don’t have an account and am unlikely to try one.

But this time I went the extra mile for you, dear visitor, and did my best to set one up.

And as luck would have it, I still can’t get either identibash or identicurse to do the right thing. Isn’t that just the way life works? 😕

I can only assume things are arranged correctly on the Internet side. So this time I am 99 percent sure it is my side that’s not quite kosher. Configuration seems to elude me, even after trying more than once with each tool, and getting nothing.

Add to that my generalized ignorance of all things Twitterish, and what we have here is a failure to communicate.

If you use either of those tools for that service, please send me a tip on how to get things lined up. If you use that service, see if you can get either of the tools lined up.

I don’t keep score on how many fun things I find that I can’t get configured to work. But in the immortal words of Randall P. McMurphy, “I tried, didn’t I … ? At least I did that.” 😐


3 thoughts on “identibash and identicurse: I can give you no guidance

  1. Mark Waters

    identibash and identicurse are clients for the older software , now rebooted as opensocial by the fsf.

    you have just setup an account on a newer service that transitioned into.

    I use the commandline twitter client ttytter to talk to my site and that works well.

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