id3tool: Quick tag control

If you’re keeping track, id3tool will be about the fourth or fifth command-line id3 tag tool I’ve seen this year.

Moral of the story? If you’re a budding coder, don’t bother writing a command-line id3 tag tool. 🙄

Just kidding. Here it is, in action.


Fairly straightforward. No flags displays the data currently written. Adding a flag or two lets you change the date, title, genre, etc.

I don’t see any provisions for reading the filename to set a tag, or reading a directory tree, or screening out underscores, and so forth.

I am sure though, that someone with some respectable command-line skills, will be able to pipe up and show how that’s done.

Is id3tool better than any of the other command-line id3 tag tools? It has simplicity on its side, but you decide. 😉

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