id3fsd: A clever idea, nearly to fruition

I like clever ideas, although it’s nothing unique to say that out loud. Cleverness attaches itself to projects, and sometimes I see it and sometimes I just don’t.

Here’s one I like: id3fsd. The idea is to create a directory tree that has symbolic links drawn by music tag, not file name.

So ideally, you should be able to navigate a directory with a structure like “decade/1970s/OR/prog/” to get to your Rush collection. Everybody has a Rush collection, right? πŸ™„

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot to show, because in both Arch and Debian I came only marginally close to getting things set up right.

I admit I had better luck in Arch. The dependencies are listed in the README file in the tarball, and all the ones needed were in AUR if not the regular repos.

Once it was in place I could get most of the configuration working, but for some reason the relationship between id3fsd and fuse was not exactly copacetic.

I had some tag tree structure though, and that was satisfying.

In Debian I had even less luck, even though the home page for id3fsd has a .deb package available. I’m no Debian expert, but a lot of the dependencies for the package relied on the perl structure, which apparently has shifted a lot in Debian.

If you’re more familiar with Debian or maybe if you’re just running Squeeze, it might behave better for you.

I’d love to see this working fully, if only because I think it would be fun to follow the tag trees and see how the tags arrange themselves. If I can find some free time I’ll keep an eye on it; for now, I’ll call it an also-ran. πŸ˜‰