ibmonitor: When bandwidth is precious

Back in the day, when I was a teenager … I used an ISP that tracked bandwidth usage and penalized me if I went over a certain limit.

There are still connection services like that, and technically speaking the service I have now does that too. Lucky for me though, the cap I have now is well above my normal usage, so I don’t sweat too much about it.

Point being, there are times when it is useful to monitor your Internet bandwidth … hence, ibmonitor.


A very simple, very practical tool with just enough frills to keep me interested. And color. Let’s not forget color.

Seriously though, press h or the question mark and you get a running help screen. You can shift between Kbps and KBps, shuffle the arrangement, display more or less information and pick an interface to watch. Nicely done.

Only one complaint — the refresh interval is also the polling interval for the keyboard, meaning if I set the refresh interval to 9 seconds and press another key, I have to wait 9 seconds for the command to take effect.

A small inconvenience in an otherwise effective tool. A gold smilie for ibmonitor: 😀

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