Bonus: H is for has-been

As luck would have it, my aforementioned hard drive errors came at at time when I needed a little space to build up an end-of-section post. No rest for the weary, I guess. 😐

Here’s what I have that’s left of my list of programs that started with the letter H. Much more success this time than with the G section, for reasons I shall probably never understand.

The usual rules apply — no isolated audio clients, no revision control systems, no esoteric command-line archival tools, no shells and no firewall utilities. I should mention up front that a few of these might be very functional, but I omitted them for the reasons I list below.

  • hammerhead: The home page describes hammerhead as an “HTTP load generator,” for benchmarking and stress testing. I poked around with it only briefly before deciding that the best way to try it out was to aim it at something like Google, and turn the settings up to 11. Luckily I changed my mind before goose-stepping jackbooted secret police showed up at my door to haul me away in chains. Prudence is the better part of valor. I have no reason to think hammerhead doesn’t work, though.
  • haraldscan: Bluetooth scanner. I was excited to see haraldscan in action, but running it gave me ssl errors. I believe the source code might need updated to catch up with libssl, which is at 1.0.0 but haraldscan expects 0.9.8. Not in Debian.
  • hasciicam: Apparently you can stream live TV or webcamera output through ASCII with this. I say “apparently” because I don’t have a webcam any more (I did not long ago) so I couldn’t try it. Let me know if it works for you though.
  • havp: HAVP stands for HTTP AntiVirus Proxy, which might tell you everything you need to know about it. If I understand it correctly, it uses clamav to screen messages as they pass through a server, without storing or caching the information, which might (or might not) reduce the risk of infection. I see that the last update to HAVP was in 2010 though, so it might not be practical any longer (of course, clamav is still being developed, so maybe the two are still copacetic). I don’t have a server system to filter Windows-based emails with, so. … 🙄
  • hg-paste: Adds a paste function to Mercurial, which is a revision control system.
  • hiptext: I saw this a long time ago on r/commandline, but I’ve never gotten it to work. It claims to do a better job than aa or caca at converting images to text format in a terminal emulator. You be the judge, if it will work for you.
  • hlfl: I learned my lesson with firewall programs, back in the F-section. I suggest this to you though, if you think it might be useful.
  • home: Can you believe I actually have the word “home” on my list? What the heck was that supposed to mean, K.Mandla?! 👿
  • honeyd: honeyd sets up a phony server system that allows you to bait, trap and display for public ridicule anyone silly enough to tangle with your elite server management skills. Oddly, this is not in Debian and the Arch version won’t build because of dependency issues. It is in Fedora though; too bad I don’t have yet another computer around here, to include Fedora in the mix. Really, everyone should have one computer for each distro, don’t you think?
  • hpodder: My long-suffering failure to get anything Haskell-based working continues with hpodder. cabal just won’t do like I think it should. I had no luck getting hpodder going, but it did look promising, if screenshots are to be believed.
  • hppsmtools: These allow console-based access to HP PhotoSmart cameras … which I don’t have.
  • hrktorrent: I haven’t worked with any new torrent clients for a while and I thought hrktorrent would entertain, but the AUR version wouldn’t build for me and it’s not in Debian, so I went home and cried. Alone. In a darkened room. While it rained.
  • hsgtd: I couldn’t find this anywhere. I suspect this is a typo.
  • httprint: Looks pretty cool. Every time I used it though, it came back with a “server timeout” message, even when I knew things were working. Makes HTML pages for classy output. This might be outdated, which would explain its preoccupation with timeouts.

And believe it or not, that’s it. The H section had a good balance of toys and tools and mystery programs. The next section should too. Let’s get going.

2 thoughts on “Bonus: H is for has-been

  1. Ethan

    What happened to the newer laptop with the webcam? Why don’t you have it anymore?

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      If I must be honest, it was too valuable. I liked it and it worked great but the value of that machine as semi-new was worth two old Thinkpads. So I decided to “trade it in.” 😀

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