hexer: Deja vu — or should I say, 64:65:6a:61:20:76:75

I really thought I had covered more hex editors than Google or DuckDuckGo say that I have. Feels like I’ve seen some of these before. … 😯

No matter, here’s another one. I know we just had hexedit yesterday, but here’s hexer:


Hey, look at that: color! Well, technically speaking still a two-tone, but blue and white works for me.

hexer has vi-like navigation, so if you’re keeping score at home, that’s one more for the vi team. I stopped keeping track quite a while ago, so don’t ask me what the score is. 🙄

Feeding :help into the command line will get you the man page, which I always like. Other commands, as you might expect, follow vi-style behavior.

The only real shortcoming I could see is, when you leave hexer, the terminal colors don’t revert. So everything was still blue and white for me.

That’s not hard to fix, but it seems like an oversight. Perhaps I’ll mention it as a teeny-tiny bug. …

Of course, the H section isn’t finished yet, so maybe there are some more hex editors out there that need attention. One a day, anyone? 😉

2 thoughts on “hexer: Deja vu — or should I say, 64:65:6a:61:20:76:75

  1. Ian Munsie

    Cool, this looks like the most promising vi style hex editor yet, and it’s actually in Debian. My first impression is good – this might just end up replacing hexedit as my default go to hex editor. I’ll have to see how it fares the next time I need to do some serious hex editing.

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