hexedit: You can guess what it does

I do not find fault with the name “hexedit.”


Heck, that’s what I’d call it, if it was my program.

hexedit has been around longer than some migraines, if the home page is to be believed.

Fills the allotted space, has sane and reasonable controls, quits with CTRL+C and quits-with-save on CTRL+X.

Best of all, pressing the help key (F1) drops you into the man page. I love it when a program does that. 😉

As far as hex editors go, I can only assume this is as functional and error free as some others … bviplus and gitview come to mind.

But like I said a long time ago, hex editors are like web crawlers to me. It’s so rare that I need one that I rarely bother keeping them installed more than a few minutes.

This one might be worth remembering though, for those few times. 😉