haste: Pipe and paste with haste

I’ve mentioned pastebin-type tools more than once in recent history, and they all have strong points depending on the site they target.

I like haste partly because hastebin.com is open to public use (see fb-client :roll:), but also because it seems to work smoothly.

2013-11-19-lv-r1fz6-haste-01 2013-11-19-lv-r1fz6-haste-02

Left, the action. Right, the result.

Ideally, you could just pipe all three together, but hastebin.com in elinks doesn’t show much. 😉

That’s about all there is to it. haste is a bit delicate though; there’s no man page that I could find, and it doesn’t seem to accept flags. If I threw a curve ball at it, it would freak and spatter errors on the screen.

The stable version seemed more or less … stable for me though. The git version wasn’t cooperating. But of course, that could change in days, so. … 😐

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