gnuski: Game time!

You’d think with all the games I waded through over the summer, that there wouldn’t be very many left.

Well, there aren’t, but a few of these are noteworthy and must be publicized. In the name of science, of course. 😉


That’s gnuski, which is a text-only revisitation of the ancient Skifree game for +/- Windows 3.1 machines.

Egads, I barely remember seeing that, decades ago. 😯

gnuski runs with only ncurses as its dependency, which makes it terrifically light. As far as terrifically playable … well, you get what you pay for.

I was going to include a gif, but it would have been completely unrecognizable. And really, on a machine with any power at all, it will blaze past you at ludicrous speed.

And since I’m complaining, I dislike very much that the end of the game snaps to a summary screen so quickly. Half the time the game ends at a seemingly random point, because I couldn’t tell what I hit.

Oh well. No point complaining about gameplay in a program that’s probably as old as some pets. Enjoy as you will. 😉