gnuit: Where have you been all my life?

I feel silly not having heard about GNU interactive tools until yesterday. It’s not one tool, but many, and I have a few in particular I like.

2013-11-13-lv-r1fz6-gitview 2013-11-13-lv-r1fz6-gitfm 2013-11-13-lv-r1fz6-gitps

That’s gitview on the left, then gitfm at center, and gitps on the right. Note the color scheme. I like color, even garish red-and-blue combinations. πŸ™„

I honestly don’t know how these escaped my attention for seven or eight long years. Are they somehow verboten? Does the collective Internet consciousness exclude them from me on purpose? Do the hipster geeks refuse to speak of them for fear someone else will start using them?

Beats me. But these three — and the six or seven others in the pack — are perfectly functional, well handled programs with good potential, even if they’re a bit harsh to look at. 😯

And considering they have the GNU impress on them, they must be somewhere near stable and dependable.

In fact, if there was anything I could complain about, it’s the fact that gnuit gets shortened to git* in most names, which becomes tangled up with git, the revision control system. But whose fault is that, I wonder? 😐

Anyway. The lesson learned here is never to trust the Internet. Someone is probably holding out on you. πŸ‘Ώ

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