giis: The benefit of the doubt

I owe a couple leftover posts to severe network issues last weekend, so here are a couple of extras for today:

It’s unusual for me to find software that’s not in Arch/AUR and not in Debian, but is packaged in another distro.

Or maybe I just don’t go looking enough. Regardless, I believe giis is in Fedora, but some assembly might be required, if you’re using something else.


giis is an undelete tool specific to ext2 and ext3, but with a spinoff version for ext4. As best I can tell, giis doesn’t handle anything outside of those three filesystems. That’s not uncommon for what I can tell though; I have yet to run into a universal undeleter for Linux. πŸ™„

At this point, I have to make a disclaimer: I couldn’t get giis to run fully under Arch. Nine times out of ten, that’s because I’ve done something wrong, so don’t blame giis for that.

I got as far as the startup menu, but most options insisted I install giis (which I thought I had) or spat out errors (which suggests I misconfigured it).

And knowing that it’s packaged in Fedora, and has won a few application awards, I have a strong feeling I set it up wrong.

So I will give giis the benefit of the doubt, and say it’s my error that’s keeping it from running on my system. If you’re a Fedora user, please give it a turn and tell me how it worked.

5 thoughts on “giis: The benefit of the doubt

  1. Lakshmipathi.G

    Hi –
    I’m the developer of giis tool. If I’m not wrong you are trying to setup giis under Arch. I never tested the tool with Arch distro. If you are facing any problem with it. Feel free to drop me a message ( kernel version, file system details etc) with exact errors. I’ll try to fix it and get it working with Arch.

    >So I will give giis the benefit of the doubt
    Thanks for it πŸ˜›


    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Hi! Thanks for the note! Let me reinstall it and make sure I’m getting the same messages again. I’ll e-mail you as soon as I’ve done that. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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