gifsicle: Cool stuff I can’t show

gifsicle is that fun toy that everybody has, but nobody thinks to use. gifsicle slices and dices gifs. It boils them, mashes them, sticks them in a stew. If gifsicle were a hammer, every gif would look like a nail.

The sad part is, there’s not much for me to show. I can try:


But the things gifsicle does don’t really show up outside a graphical environment. I don’t believe fbi (of fbida) will show gif animation, so most of the things I would show would be static.

No matter. You can trust me. I’m on the Internet. 🙄

gifsicle can explode gifs into individual frames. It can rename those as you like. It can rotate, flip, crop, expand, add transparency, subtract transparency, insert frames, delete frames, add frames, add color, optimize, unoptimize, name frames and add comments. You name it, it does it.

And unfortunately, most of that I can’t really show.

So you’ll have to try it yourself. And remember gifsicle next time you go dashing off to some random Internet site, to break apart the frames of a gif of a cat playing a piano. 😕