gtypist: Yes, I know I’m a failure

I didn’t know there was a GNU Typist program that would do me the service of teaching me how to type properly.

And I sure didn’t know it was so lavish and ornate. Compared to some other GNU projects, this is a jewel to look at.


Wow, menu-driven, multicolor, long and descriptive instructions. … Is this really the same organization that lists ed, the least communicative program in existence, in its repertoire?

The times they are a-changing. I haven’t seen any typing challenge of this magnitude since … since … typespeed, I guess. 😐

GNU Typist, or just gtypist for short, has a huge array of lessons for you to kick through, and you’re free to jump in at any point and start swimming around.

And once you’ve mastered the basics of traditional touch-typing, you can start in with dvorak, colemak and keypad lessons.

Then you can move to the multilingual lessons, speed drills and typing challenges.

Good grief. It’s definitely the surprise of the week. How come nobody told me this was out there?! 😈

As with everything, there must be a downside, and the downside for me, as you can see in the gif above, is that I pretty much suck at classical touch-typing. My secondary school typing teacher will be disappointed.

I learned a little when I was young, but outside the letter keys and maybe the spacebar, I’m pretty much a hack.

So it might take me a while to get past the first lesson. At least I have time to spare. 🙄

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