ftp: The classic, in action

I’m going to give out one more bonus today, because fsniper may or may not be working, and because I’m getting close to the end of the F section.

Here’s ftp, which you may know from experience, may know by reputation, or may not know. Any of the above are possible.


On my Arch system, ftp is part of inetutils, and shares company with some fine tools — like rcp, telnet and a few others. Debian keeps it in inetutils-ftp, so it’s apparently been broken out of the original set. That’s cool.

ftp runs much like you might expect, if you were to type in all the commands that otherwise are handled by graphical clients like gFTP or FileZilla. It’s not exactly a full-scale console application, like Midnight Commander is when it accesses FTP sites.

But ftp is not much different than any other trapped terminal command-line application. It has a man page if you don’t know the protocol, and is fairly forgiving if you make a mistake.

Yes, it’s a classic, but … no color, no fullscreen application … I know, I am easily disappointed. I try to be open-minded, I really do.

But I’ll be sticking with Midnight Commander as a text-based FTP tool. It’s just got what I look for. 😐