frequency: Chat clients abound

I had the word “frequency” in my list of applications, with no notes and no link, which is usually a bad sign. It usually means I either added it in haste, or it’s too difficult to find.

Luckily there is a console-based chat client called “frequency” or just fz, in AUR. And it’s not bad looking.


Apparently designed to connect with EFNet, which I hadn’t ever heard of because I’m not much of a chat fan. The history is interesting though; if you are also oblivious, it doesn’t take long to read.

Points aside, frequency, or fz as it is installed, seems to work without issue. As you can see, I was up and connected inside a few seconds.

This reminds me strongly of bitchx, not just because of the ASCII art, but just because of the general arrangement. I wonder though, if once connected, most chat clients behave the same. 😐

I do see where frequency supposedly lacks some scripting features; it might be that the author just didn’t get to that point. If you are a fierce IRC fan, it might not be flexible enough for you.

I leave it to you to explore. If you know EFNet and you are looking for a text-only interface to it, this might be preferable for you.

2 thoughts on “frequency: Chat clients abound

  1. msx

    Father, forgive me for I have sinned…
    After so many time (more than two years?) running first Irssi and then falling in love with WeeChat I ended up running Quassel everywhere – I’m kind of a *caugh*KDE*cuagh* guy.
    Still if I would to use a console IRC client, WeeChat would be my best option as it sports a built-in relay so you can run WeeChat in your server as a bouncer and connect it from all your other computers including Android devices, as there is a full-featured client for it.
    Same goes for Quassel, Quassel Core and Quasseldroid, but I don’t want to make you nervous with such heretic behavior…

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