fttps: After four years, shock and awe

A long time ago I was whining into the Internet about how there didn’t seem to be a console-based download manager, much like you see attached to most conventional graphical browsers (or in the case of elinks, text-based browsers).

In response, fttps appeared, and I am shocked that after four years, the source code is still where I left it.

And I am in awe that it still works. 😯


The idea, if you haven’t read through the history yet, was fairly simple: cut and paste a link into a file, and fttps would download it for you. Sort of like aria2 or even axel can do.

But fttps was meant to sit and wait, like a download daemon. As you can see it has a progress bar, a projected time to completion, and download speed.

A longer list of links would be more dramatic, because the author added the ability to start or stop links, resume them, and select downloads with the star that you see on the left.

Not a bad little program. It’s a shame it never reached full fruition.

In any case, the source is still there and it’s still functional. Keep in mind that this is meant for python2; chances are it won’t quite work with recent versions of python.

Now drag out that Pentium, slap a network card in the PCMCIA port and start downloading. 😈

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