freetalk: Get your jabber on

I’m finding that the F section is quite replete — probably more than the E section was — but somehow a lot of the “applications” I have are just one-shot command line tools.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I enjoy finding full-frame, console applications drawn up with lots of color. Yes, I do like color.

I suppose by those meager criteria, freetalk could be a contender. It will definitely scroll to fill your screen, has a few ascii-drawn images to boast of, and replies appear in color.

So yeah, as far as a Jabber client goes, it could qualify.


freetalk is a very fundamental tool though, and doesn’t seem to have the same pizazz as something like centerim or one of the ekg twins.

Messages are sent by typing out the name (you have tab completion, so don’t worry) and the message, and until you swap targets freetalk will type out the same name again for you. Saves you a little time.

Check deep into the manual for a few fun commands, and ways to personalize the prompt. And while you’re at it, be aware that freetalk can pipe shell output straight into chat, and will drop commands to the shell as well.

As far as encryption goes … I don’t see anything in the manual or elsewhere to suggest it can be encrypted. Sad face. 😦

Check it out though. It has the svelte feel of a GNU application and enough small tweaks to keep a run-of-the-mill geek happy. Maybe you qualify. 😉