fasd: No doubt critical, for some

I don’t have a lot of nested directories to manage, and it’s rare that the ordinary bash tab completion doesn’t do the job.

On the other hand, it would be nice if I could bounce straight to one or two specific directories, without rolling through the whole tree.

I am sure for some people, who work with large, complicated file arrangements, fasd will be a huge help.


tingol mentioned this a few months ago, after I reported my failings with autojump, but I’ve already had more luck with fasd. fasd is supposedly styled after the other, but I considering autojump hardly worked, can’t say which is better.

Regardless, fasd will keep track of your directories and rank them by frequency and relevancy, and bounce straight to them, if you ask.

On that count, it’s quite convenient. I can see where this would be a godsend to some folks.

On the other hand, like I mentioned, I don’t have a huge need for it personally. Add to that the fact that it’s technically keeping a “history” of my travels, and I feel I want to shy away from it. That’s just me though.

fasd has a few frills in the ability to execute programs straight away from its own command, and a few tweaks to its selection process. Take a peek; it might be just what you want.

6 thoughts on “fasd: No doubt critical, for some

  1. Curtis

    I just have a few one-liner functions that allow me to mark directories that I want with a given name, then “jump” there (I changed “jump” to just “j”). I can’t remember where I found this, but it works well. What is cool is that it was super easy to set up zsh completion with this.

    export MARKPATH=$HOME/.marks
    function j {
    cd -P “$MARKPATH/$1” 2>/dev/null || echo “No such mark: $1”
    function mark {
    mkdir -p “$MARKPATH”; ln -s “$(pwd)” “$MARKPATH/$1”
    function unmark {
    rm -i “$MARKPATH/$1”
    function marks {
    ls -l “$MARKPATH” | sed ‘s/ / /g’ | cut -d’ ‘ -f9- | sed ‘s/ -/\t-/g’ && echo

    function _completemarks {
    reply=($(ls $MARKPATH))

    compctl -K _completemarks j
    compctl -K _completemarks unmark

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