Bonus: E was for easy

It’s that time again. I’ve run out of viable applications that start with “e,” and a short list — very short, this time — of leftovers.

The usual strictures apply. Do what you can with these.

  • e: Apparently, somewhere out there is a statistical software package called e. The problem is, with a single-letter name and the most popular letter in the English alphabet at that, there’s little chance I can find it.
  • edict: This isn’t really an application as a dictionary file, and a very important one at that. I see where it’s listed in some distros, but technically I think it’s safe to say that it’s not a true console program.
  • edictionary: This might have been a dictionary or translation tool, but the AUR version is broken and the home page admits as much. It’s not in Debian, so my guess is that it ran into technical difficulties, and just never came back out.
  • ee: Is a cousin to aee and even shares a website. It even looks the same, so let’s call that one “done.”
  • epub-tools: I have a rotten track record with Haskell-based software in Arch. If you can get this one going, please give me a step-by-step guide. Somehow I keep screwing it up.
  • espell: I’m having trouble finding this too. The github page seems to have disappeared, and I find nothing on Sourceforge. It might be another dictionary utility.
  • exdump: If I have the right exdump, this is a packet sniffer that dates back to around 1999, possibly earlier. The source code configured for me in Arch, make was okay, but it segfaulted at everything but the help page. Not in Debian, that I could see. The home page is gone, but a download page is still up.
  • exmh: I had this on my list as a console program but the Debian version requires xterm, x11-utils, xbitmaps and a host of other trappings. Just “exmh” from a terminal spawns a GTK setup sequence, so I’m calling this one graphical. Oh, and the “home page” does not respond.
  • env, exec, execve and expr: All of these were on my list, but I believe all are bash commands. And while I’ve picked out some bash commands in the past, technically I see them as part of a shell.

Believe it or not, that’s all there is. E was definitely easy.

And of course, F comes next. But before that, it’s time to talk about the framebuffer.

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