eyeD3: A CLI music tag editor, plus

Back to audio tools again, and already I can see a dull glaze settling over your vision.

Wait, don’t write this off already. I know we cruised through a whole month of audio tools and programs in July, and still had a few left over recently.

This is different, I swear. This is eyeD3.


Different, because it has a boatload of flag options.

Different, because its default output is nicely formatted and in color.

Different, because it can handle UTF-8.

Different, because it can work with plugins, if I understand it right.

Different, because you can import it into other python applications.

Different, because apparently it can implant lyrics, images and objects in files. 😯

Maybe those things don’t make it too different, but I don’t recall too many of our earlier one-line command apps that could do quite so much.

Otherwise, there’s not a lot that eyeD3 does that some of the others do. I appreciate that lovely output and clean color scheme, because that’s the kind of person I am.

One downside, and for some people it will be a big one: Apparently, eyeD3 only works with mp3 files. I tried one of my standby ogg files and got the “Nothing to do.” message. That’s sad.

But I know most people don’t keep oggs only in their collection, so I think it’s safe.

And in closing … last update was in the summer. Always nice to see software under active management. 🙂