ethstatus: Pay close attention to spelling

A long time ago, I mentioned ethstats. A longer time ago, I mentioned ethstatus, and described it in an evolutionary context … as one in a trio including pppstatus and slurm.


You can do the legwork and decide if I was right. ethstatus is the kind of network monitor most people watch for when they move to a console environment — more than just data, with enough animation to keep it visual.

It has a few flags to effectively adjust the vertical scale, so if you have a line speed higher than my meager 80kbps, you’ll do fine.

My only complaint about this one is probably obvious: The authors never intended for it to live in a terminal beyond 80×25 or so. There’s a lot of wasted space there.

I suppose I could file a bug report. Somewhere. … 😐

There are a lot of similar monitors out there though. pppstatus and slurm are a year or so down the line, but there are more coming.

Just remember to watch your spelling when you install this one. ethstatus, not ethstats. … 😉

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