elmer: Pasting into the world beyond

This will be quick, mostly because elmer is quick and quiet on its own.


elmer is another in the same vein as curlpaste, a command-line tool to upload text or code snippets to codepad.org. But perhaps a little less feature-replete, and a little less saucy. 😉

For what I’ve seen of elmer, it seems slightly incomplete, or perhaps it’s just a personal project and not really intended for the outside world. No man page to speak of, and only a short list of flags without much prompting.

By default it sends everything to codepad.org, like I mentioned, but uses environment variables to adjust that or to list alternatives.

And I suppose it’s worth mentioning that elmer uses a very nonstandard license. So you probably won’t see this in Debian any time soon (elmer in Debian is something unrelated).

On the other hand, it strikes me as very light, very focused, and perhaps most importantly … functional. I can’t find fault with that. 😐