ekgping: Fun, with practical application

You’ll enjoy this one: Imagine a ping tool that doesn’t output relay times or network statistics … but instead delivers a small animated graph showing a regular response, timed to a single audio tone.

Kind of like an EKG meter. What would you call a text-based masterpiece like this? pingbeat? beeping? Electrocardiograping? How about just ekgping?


I like this, for being a simple idea that is well executed. (You don’t need that silly loop I typed in; I only did that so the output would be in the center of the screen and not cluttered.)

You give it an address, it behaves exactly like you would expect ping to. But the output is a smooth motion graph meter, one line deep, with the option to play a specific audio file as a tone.

Or the regular beep effect, which isn’t available in gif form. Yet. As far as I know. 😯

Or you can shut it up. Which is what I ended up doing.

I can see where this would be helpful if you need to keep an eye on a flaky machine, and don’t want to keep watching numbers spin by. That regular beep would be enough to catch your attention … when it stopped.

Or if you want something clever to push into a tmux frame, or use as a kind of screensaver.

The only downside I could think of, is that it pulls in some oddball perl dependencies. There’s a chance these won’t be included in your distro (technically speaking, a lot of them came out of AUR for the Arch version), so you might have to do some work to get this going.

But it’s fun when you do. :mrgreen: