epic4 and epic5: Different, yet the same

Also in the Starting With E and Ending With a Version Number department, here are two IRC clients that are strikingly similar … and yet purportedly different.

2013-10-23-lv-r1fz6-epic4 2013-10-23-lv-r1fz6-epic5

I’m listing epic4 and epic5 both here because they seem to appear as twins in most distros. How different they are might take some close scrutiny.

Just watching those quick gifs probably isn’t enough to make a distinction. A brief spin past the home page isn’t much help either; I couldn’t find a page labeled “What’s the difference between epic4 and epic5?”

I do see, however, that epic4 and 5 are described as “scriptable,” and some scripts are supposedly only workable on one version or another.

So which version you pick might depend on which script you want to employ. I haven’t tested any scripts personally; you can do that and tell me what’s good.

And I don’t use chat enough to really know what’s a good client and what’s a great client. I use irssi on most machines, not because it’s awesome but because it’s what I’m used to.

So if epicX is better, for whatever reason, cue me in. Just remember I’m a casual user. 🙂

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