emacs: Brace for impact

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing-wax, of cabbages and kings. …”

And simply by virtue of alphabetical order, emacs is first.


I will keep this short, and hopefully stave off too much of the traditional vi-emacs editor war … one that has blossomed so far into tech culture that it has its own Wikipedia page.

I will only state, once again, that I have used both. Many moons ago I started with emacs and downshifted to vim on the grounds of space (I was living on a 100Mhz machine at the time).

Once I had vim more or less in working order, I settled in with that. And honestly, aside from the screenshot you see above, I haven’t gone back.

Which is not a backhanded endorsement, either. vim is no more comfortable to me than emacs, it’s simply the one I’ve gotten used to. Take that at face value.

(In fact, if I had to endorse one, it’d be jed.)

So which one is the cabbage and which one is the king? You get to decide. Use what you like. The choice is yours.

The only sin would be not having a choice. 👿

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