elvis: Has entered the building

In the interest of parity, but without violating the weak alphabetical integrity of this otherwise flawless blog 🙄 … ladies and gentlemen … fans of all ages … elvis!


Underwhelming, wasn’t it? Yes, I can understand. You thought the real Elvis would be here. Or at least vi, since I just mentioned emacs.

No, vi and vim are a long way off, if my list of applications doesn’t happen to have about 500 bogus entries in it. Try to be satisfied with elvis.

Which, as I understand it, came to fruition in the 1990s while vi was still hemmed in by licensing arrangements, and vim was still in early development. I might be off slightly on that though.

To that end, elvis behaves very much like vi, possibly with the addition of color and a few other perks. I like the indicator at the lower right, showing Command or Input mode, if it counts for anything.

elvis apparently has a GUI version too, if you prefer an X-ish layout. I find no fault with that.

If the home page is to be believed, elvis has matured to that code Nirvana where just about all the features are there, and almost all the bugs are gone.

Which is great on one hand, because it’s a point many, many authors never reach. On the other hand, it means development has slowed to a crawl, and perhaps stopped. Last news was around a year ago, and the last update was … ?

Be that as it may. vi fans can feel satiated for a while, and not get a sense of imbalance from seeing emacs at the top of today’s list. Your rock star has not left the building.