echoping: Another gray area

I must be displaying my ignorance on a daily basis with this blog. Reason being, I run into a large amount of software that I lack the expertise to use.

And then I broadcast it to the world. 🙄


That’s echoping, and boy oh boy, did I ever struggle with this one. I first tried it out months and months ago, and got nothing out of it.

But unlike some other software I’ve seen lately, I had no reason to believe it was somehow broken or miscompiled.

Judging by the endless “connection refused” messages, it actually was actually reaching out and connecting to the addresses I gave it — for example, my building router and this machine. From that I could tell that it was at least working.

A closer look at the man page gave me an idea of what would actually work … which you can see above.

echoping might be more useful if you’re worried about server performance, instead of just connections. Try the -n flag for a series of tests, and an analysis of the results.

Of course, it will help if you get it running right to start with. 😉

Sheesh. You’d think after years of digging through software and fiddling with oddball programs, I’d have a better grasp of some of these things, no?

Apparently, no. 😦

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