dvdauthor: Also available to you

I have to mention dvdauthor as a solution for creating DVDs — like the kind you put in an actual DVD player — at the command line.


I also have to be honest though, and admit that I have never used the console to create a DVD and — thought it pains me to say it — I doubt I ever would. Just looking at the help flags for dvdauthor is daunting.

To be clear though, dvdauthor — with which I can find no faults — is an option which is available to you.

Like a lot of the “tools” I run into, dvdauthor is actually a suite of utilities, all revolving around the creation of a DVD, without a graphical interface.

At this point though, I have to admit that I lack experience with creating machine-compatible DVDs altogether, so you may have to experiment with this one.

But like I have mentioned for some other applications … purpose aside, it exists, apparently it works, and it’s available. More than that, I can’t say. 😐