dvtm: Sharp, clean and quick

I had to look back through the old blog to see how far back I had first met dvtm.


I know this probably doesn’t fall into the “console application” category, but I’d be leaving out some great stuff if I didn’t include it.

For a console-based “window manager,” dvtm is about all you need. It differs slightly from things like tmux or screen … in ways I can’t quite describe.

As I understand it, dvtm borrows some code from the suckless project‘s excellent dvm window manager. So if you are used to one, you’ll probably know the other.

I don’t use dvtm much, but I plan to more in the future. I may have to dig around in the code though, and customize it a little. The default keys are less than to my liking.

By the way, if you want it to behave like screen or tmux and allow detachment, dtach is your answer. More on that next.

4 thoughts on “dvtm: Sharp, clean and quick

  1. m1nty

    Thanks for this one – I’m likely to get a lot of mileage out of dvtm!
    What is the weather app in the screenshot?

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