dxcc: Exhausting my quota of exclamation points!

While I search line-by-line through my list of a thousand programs, I run into a lot of stuff I know nothing about.

I enjoy learning things, but it’s a sad fact that sometimes I dismiss things out of hand, just because they’re so far removed from my frame of reference.

But sometimes … I find cool stuff! Here’s dxcc:


What does all that mean? I don’t know! But it looks cool! :mrgreen:

I’m being facetious. I have a very primitive idea what ham radio is, and I know there’s a lot of stuff in Debian (and other distros) aimed at radio operators.

Why? I couldn’t tell you. What does dxcc do? I don’t really know. Should you bother installing it? I haven’t a clue! :mrgreen:

But this is kind of cool too!


A graphical version! I’ve never been so excited about something I don’t understand at all! 😀

4 thoughts on “dxcc: Exhausting my quota of exclamation points!

  1. Ty

    Welcome back, KMandla! — It’s my first time commenting since your previous-blog days and I’m just now catching up to your new site after spending the last two days staring at… 50 separate pages of posts… and counting. (Please reconsider the endless scrolling-page-of-doom template…) So excited to see you active again!

    Re: dxcc, it appears to be designed to assist in getting a ham the Distant eXchange Century Club award (http://www.arrl.org/dxcc-rules). You must verify two-way contact to various regions with a unique contact for each region. This program would allow you to quickly confirm whether or not a contact is a duplicate of one you’ve reached before (and thus, mark it as uninteresting – from a contest perspective).

    I believe most of these guys attempt DX via packet radio setups, so it makes sense to have a querying program do the work for them.

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