dirsplit: A hidden hero

A long, long time ago when I was still trapped in Windows, I used to rely on an obscure directory splitting utility to back up personal files to CD.

It wasn’t particularly clever; all it did was sort the contents of a directory and find the optimum collection to fill a volume. It was more of a math gimmick than any feat of programming.

I don’t back up files to CDs any more, but I do find it nifty that dirsplit is in the cdrkit suite.


Same idea, just in a quicker, more accessible format. Declare the size of your media, a folder of target files, maybe a few other flags, and dirsplit will let you know what should go where.

It will even move all the files to destination folders, making it easy to take the next step of moving them to media.

dirsplit, in my rather overblown opinion, really should stand alone as a program rather than just allow itself to be bundled in with cdrkit.

After all, you can use this for any media size — even some that don’t exist — and so it’s not limited to optical formats.

Be that as it may, it’s worth installing all of cdrkit to get at dirsplit. A coveted gold smilie for dirsplit: 😀