docx2txt: The file converter you’ve been waiting for

I used to know a kid who was born on October 10, 2000. That meant his 10th birthday was on 10/10/10. …

Unrelated anecdotes aside, ever since I dropped antiword and catdoc on you, you’ve probably been itching to get to docx2txt.


So there it is. The craving is satisfied. Now you can convert your docx files into proper text format.

The disappointing thing is, that’s about all there is to tell. It’s a perl script. It’s in both AUR and in Debian. It works just fine. It has a few formatting options and a well-commented configuration file.

No complaints about being out of date? No complaints about being marginally useful? No complaints about seeing no updates in a decade?

Hmm. Well that was easy. Next please. 😐

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