cwp: Not the feline, but with progress

I had a hard time finding cwp; for a while I thought it was KDE’s customizable weather plasmoid, but that didn’t sound quite right. 😐

Finally I pinned it down, on a list with lots of other nifty tools. cwp, as it turns out, stands for “concatenate with progress,” meaning it should perform the same duty as cat, but give you a little more information.


Depending on the situation, cwp will either be very very useful, or completely irrelevant. In that screenshot above, two 512Mb files of random information are pushed into one in the same folder.

cwp is barely useful in this case, because it takes so little time to concatenate them.

On the other hand, network transfers or combinations of several files over slower arrangements might be more helpful. Slower transfers, larger files or more meticulous concatenations might need a little more feedback.

Either way, I really like cwp for the same reason I really like Advanced Copy. I admire the Unix philosophy and I understand the need for succinctness, but sometimes I just need a little more information. 😉