curlpaste: Not serious, but not a gimmick

Some ideas strike me as so clever, I wish I had thought of them first. Of course, thinking of them is only half the issue; in most cases I lack the know-how to get them rolling.

Regardless. Here’s a nifty console tool that might save you a few steps in the future: curlpaste.

2013-09-27-v5-122p-curlpaste-01 2013-09-27-v5-122p-curlpaste-02

For as many pastebin-type sites as are out there, this just makes good sense: Send your text file out into the wild, give it a home on a code holding site, and return a link to get to it or share.

See? I could’ve thought of that. (Don’t get excited; I think the link above has probably already expired. 🙄 Sorry.)

curlpaste works with about five or six particular sites, and while I don’t know most of them, it might be that you do. I tried two or three and they all worked fine with curlpaste.

Best of all, curlpaste comes with a sense of humor. As you can see in the second image above, if you start it with the -V flag, it will harass and taunt you several times before fulfilling your wishes. 🙂

As I understand it, the author of curlpaste has shifted his/her efforts into a new variation called uppity. I’ll peek at that one when I get to the U section … years from now. 😳

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