cutmp3: More than it appears

At first glance, and even if you look at the help flag, cutmp3 appears fairly innocent. Don’t you believe it for a second.


Who knew a clever interface was hiding beneath that quiet demeanor? 😯

cutmp3 looks and plays like a graphical program, with controls to skim through the file, set start and end points, replay the selection, seek silence, copy out the file, and so forth.

On top of that, you can run it straight from the command prompt and send instructions as flags. Very convenient.

I have gotten so used to running classic, out-of-date or abandoned software at the console that I sometimes forget to check if something is still being maintained.

Apparently, cutmp3 had a new update about six months ago, which falls into the “actively developed” bracket. In my book, anyway. 🙄

So there you have it: an under-the-radar mp3 editor — not just a player, mind you, but an editor — with a clever interactive mode and recent updates.

Well, I count today as a good day, that’s for sure. 😉