Bonus: An index, and the method behind the madness

If you’ve been reading this site for a while (you fool!), you’ll notice that almost every post starts with the title of the program, and ends with a snarky phrase.

Today, the method behind that madness becomes clear: Today I offer you an index to all the software seen so far, on this geeky little blog. Naturally alphabetized, by title.

The re-use value of my old site was something that stuck in my head for a long time, along with the fact that the wiki also came into play in my own adventures.

Knowing that I might need to refer back to this blog at some point in the future, I had the foresight to start a “naming convention” for posts. WordPress will export all the posts on a blog, I hacked away at the xml, and managed to arrange things in more or less the right order.

If you see any link errors or think a post is missing, let me know. It’s easy to fix once it’s in place. Not so easy from scratch.

Happy hunting. 😉

3 thoughts on “Bonus: An index, and the method behind the madness

  1. Caynan

    I’ve been reading your blog every day, since I’m a new computer science student, and I want to live on the terminal for the next year, your blog is showing to be an amazing place to research and discover tools.


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