crip: Picking up what others leave out

I showed cdparanoia a few days ago, and mentioned that it deliberately leaves out access to online databases, for reasons they can explain.

crip adds that back into the scheme, and does a few other things automatically too.

2013-09-26-4dkln41-crip-01 2013-09-26-4dkln41-crip-02

As you can see, it prompts for missing information (because of course, my homemade CD isn’t in the database), genre, and so forth.

I believe it only does ogg encoding, which is what I prefer, so I’m fine with that. If you’re an mp3 (or another format) fan, you might need a different program.

On the other hand, crip will automatically convert international characters, normalize or adjust gain, trim digital silence and some other nifty tricks.

Aside from that, crip has cdparanoia as its backend, so if you’ve seen it in action, much of what crip does will look familiar.