cribbage: With help for the newcomers

Cribbage is another of those games that I learned long ago and fell out of practice with. Lucky for me, the bsd-games version of cribbage is not only forgiving, but will actually take the time to help me out.


I won’t bother trying to explain the rules here; cribbage is a smidgin complex, with scoring on the fly and at the end of each hand.

cribbage (the program, that is) will teach you how to play, and if you use the -e flag at the start, it will help you score. Nice for beginners.

cribbage (the program, that is) uses only base ASCII characters, so it should work on any terminal within reason.

It does have a rather odd habit of spilling dialog over the screen, rather than scrolling it. It gets a little confusing after about halfway through a game, or whenever the text starts overlapping.

I like cribbage (the program, that is) for a lot of little reasons. It would be nice to see the “graphics” catch an update, and maybe win a little color too. See cpat for how-to on that.

Rather sad, that I put so much importance on color. 🙄