codemetre: Counting out the lines

If you’re a programmer, this one might appeal to you. This is codemetre.

2013-09-25-v5-122p-codemetre-01 2013-09-25-v5-122p-codemetre-02

Left is default, right has been piped through column --table. As you can probably figure out, codemetre is counting the number of lines of code and comparing it to the number of comment lines.

It’s a very simple tool, but probably more appealing to people who program regularly. For my own part it’s more a curiosity than anything.

codemetre has a few extra settings that you can adjust as flags, and depending on the coding language you use, it might behoove you to check. Ordinarily codemetre seems to be able to detect them automatically.

I have to stop there, mostly because I don’t program and so this is really only a footnote for me. Of course, if someone mentions the need for a code line counter, I’ll know what to tell them. 😉

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