cpat: The solitaire collection for the console

I love finding proper console applications. It almost doesn’t matter what it is.

2013-09-18-v5-122p-cpat-01 2013-09-18-v5-122p-cpat-02

That’s cpat, a collection of solitaire games and surprisingly, it’s not in either Arch or Debian, unless I’m mistaken.

Surprising, because it’s exceptionally well done. Menu-driven, multicolor, easy to figure out, and has a lot of variations to explore.

Klondike is what you see in action there, but Spider, Canfield, Freecell and a bunch of others are options.

I honestly can’t find anything to complain about. Oh, wait — I thought of something.

It eats up too much of my time. šŸ˜ˆ šŸ™„