cdparanoia: Nothing to fear

Among CD rippers for the console, cdparanoia might be one of the easiest to remember.


Not just for the clever name, but for the ubiquitous emoticons it uses as status indicators. They’re even listed in the Wikipedia article.

It also strikes me as unusual for eschewing a CDDB interface. I’ll let them explain their rationale for that.

My favorite point of cdparanoia is its ability to analyze a drive for caching and reading behavior, etc.

That’s what you see in the image above; cdparanoia is double-checking the optical drive on this machine, and making sure it’s performing as expected. (It’s fine, in case you were worried.)

Not that I really know what most of that stuff means, but knowing it’s “OK with Paranoia” is good enough for me.

For the audiophiles in the crowd, I don’t have any advice on sound quality. If this does a better job than abcde, or perhaps acripper, that’s something you’ll have to investigate on your own. 😉

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