charm: As luck would have it

charm’s home page describes it as a “full-featured, console-based, cross-platform blogging client,” and that would be my experience almost to a T.


I found charm four or five years ago, and I’ve used it almost exclusively since then.

charm really only interfaces with the blog host — in my case, WordPress — and allows you some fundamental management of your site.

You can add, delete, post, and so forth, all through the menu system.

My favorite part of charm is that two of the biggest tasks — actual writing and spellchecking — get handed over to other programs.

In my case, I defaulted charm’s editing function to vim. And spellchecking to aspell.

Not that I am a fierce fan of either program, but what it did mean is that the software I already use was in place and installed.

Nothing new to learn, no other dependencies to install, etc.

I won’t go into too much more detail, since it’s probably only a slim chance that charm would be useful to you, and only a slimmer one that your blog host is compatible with charm.

But speaking as a WordPress user, it means things move a lot faster, as compared with the on-site management pages. That alone is reason enough to jump into charm.

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