cdtool: More than just a tool, really

I also knew when I started into the Cs again, that I’d probably run aground in console CD players. I thought they were done but no such luck. …


cdtool is probably more than just a player, although the term “tool” might also be a slight misnomer.

Installing it gives you four or five commands that will directly control the CD drive, as you can see above. There are a few others that will manage your local database of CD information.

I don’t have any pressed CDs though, so my homemade CD (done up with bashburn, I might add) doesn’t show up in the CDDB entry. So those were pretty much unavailable to me.

Oddly, I kind of liked cdtool. I didn’t see much of the “tool” side of it, but it seems a simple, low maintenance solution to CD playback.