cgames: Three-in-one fun

This is a three-in-one post: the game bundle cgames, which includes cmines, csokoban and cblocks.


Not that I have any particular talent at puzzle-style games, but there are some standbys in this.

csokoban might be my favorite; cblocks confuses me outright, and cmines … well, you might remember my stance on minesweeper games.

Nice color, good use of curses graphics and fairly helpful when asked.

My only problem, as you might have seen above, is that there doesn’t seem to be much provision for scaling to the size of the terminal.

True, a couple of those (csokoban and cblocks) probably have preset puzzle designs, so it can’t be helped.

But it would be nice to see them stretch or adjust to the space available.

Aside from that, a job well done. One gold smiley for cgames: 😀