cdf: Useful, colorful … but headstrong

I’ve given it my level best, but I can’t seem to make cdf look like it should.


It’s working, as far as I can tell, but seems to be doing what it wants, and not what I tell it to do.

I told it to show only ext2 filesystems with -t ext2 but it shows everything. I told it to switch to human-readable format, and it obliged, but still showed everything.

I can screen out what I want with grep, but that’s so … barbaric.

Overeagerness is not a setback. I got the information I wanted. I’m just not used to such headstrong applications.

And for some reason, the column display is spattered all over the screen. šŸ˜¦

Just for the record I tried sending it through column but it didn’t help much.

This is not my first attempt with cdf, and I could swear it was behaving normally a while back.

Oh well. It has color. I can forgive it a few shortcomings if it keeps my eyes amused. šŸ™„

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