calc: You knew this was coming

The Cs had to have some obvious entries in it. calc is one.


As you might imagine, calc is a console-based calculator and — as seems to be the theme these days — it’s exceptionally complex. Not for adding up your grocery bill.

This one will do some very sophisticated math, and in an instant, as you can see above. Much like bc, last month.

Before you dive in, take a look at the help page. There you will see even more help pages, introductions, command lists, tips, cues and so forth.

I daresay I’ve never seen an application — graphical or not — with quite so much help available immediately.

But the real appeal of calc, as I understand it, is that it closely mimics the style and arrangement of C. The programming language, that is.

Whether or not that is true is not for me to decide; I have so little experience working with C that I shudder at the thought of recounting it.

Either way, between this and bc, you’d think there wouldn’t be much more in the way of calculators that were needed in Linux.

You’d think that, anyway. 😐

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