byobu: Now with even more tmux

I don’t have much to say about byobu that I didn’t point out three years ago. byobu is still around (and oddly enough, that post is still one of the most popular on the old blog), although it has changed a bit.


tmux appears to be its preferred mode of operation now, and I can’t say that I blame it.

screen is good fun, but even I have to wonder if screen is ever going to see any progress. tmux grows and improves by leaps and bounds, while screen developers are apparently busy picking navel lint.

And yet, I rarely see fit to use byobu, for screen or for tmux. I guess I just grew to prefer my own versions.

Regardless, if you use either screen or tmux and want to spruce it up at a minimum of effort, byobu is your go-to package.