btpd: Strictly a daemon

I knew the B section would have a lot of bittorrent software in it. I didn’t know so many of them would fall by the wayside as abandoned or unbuildable.

Regardless, here’s one that’s strictly business: btpd.


And as you might have guessed by its name, this is strictly a daemon. Sort of.

See, btpd alone comes with btcli, which is sort of like a taskmaster for the daemon.

You set some options through the daemon, like I did above by choking my bandwidth to 30Kbps down and 10Kbps up.

But btcli is how you add, start, stop, list or check the status of torrents that are running.

And you can set the btcli stat command to refresh after x seconds, and you get a rolling update of whatever btpd is up to.

No, it’s not really an interface. It just spits out data. But I guess we’ve seen lots of applications like that in the past … remember dstat and ethstats? Not much different in that way.

On the plus side, btpd is extremely light, taking up only the tiniest sliver of memory and CPU on this machine, which isn’t saying much but I thought worth note.

Some low-end machines lose out on interfaces and fancy menus. If that’s you, btpd might be what you need.

P.S., it looks like there are projects for web-based and GTK+ interfaces to btpd too. No guarantees on those. …